Platelet Rich Plasma is defined as platelet rich plasma. Platelet cell; It has a  structure that does not have a nucleus and contains dozens of growth factors. This cell works in harmony with mesenchymal stem cells to regenerate, repair or nourish the damaged area. Our blood has three building blocks (erythrocyte, thrombocyte, leukocyte).

Erythrocytes play an active role in oxygen transport in our body, leukocytes play an active role in the body’s defense mechanism, whereas platelets play an active role in the repair, coagulation and healing processes. Knowing PRP means knowing the function and miracles of the platelet. It aims to initiate cellular therapy by activating the platelets enriched with the PRP kit and injecting them into the damaged tissue with the appropriate technique without the need for surgical intervention. All the consumables required for the implementation of this treatment are available in the U4U® PRP kit System. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is platelet rich plasma. It is obtained by centrifuging the blood and separating it layer by layer according to the molecular weight of the cells.

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